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Print auditManaged Print Services – the key to low per page printing costs

 Our Role

To help successful businesses using office photocopier, colour multifunction printers and laser printers to reduce print-related costs, improve productivity and user satisfaction by implementing a plan regarding print management for Sydney and Australia-wide clients.

Because of limited resources few organisations have a print management strategy to optimise the performance of their fleet of print output devices – such as office photocopier, colour multifunction printers and laser printers and drive down the cost of operating it, even though most suspect they’re paying too much.

The Process

At Abacus copiers our Managed Print Services take the time to understand and analyse your print environment. We’ll identify opportunities to integrate hardware with your network based business applications and discuss your future plans to ensure you get the best managed print plan.

Next we calculate exactly how much you’re spending each month, down to how much each page costs from your various offie photocopiers, colour multifunction printers, laser printers and other print devices, including consumables like printer toner and toner cartridges and printer service.

Finally we develop a print management solution tailored to meet your exact needs, utilising where possible existing printer devices, that will harness the latest technology to improve productivity for a fixed cost per page inclusive of any additional office equipment, printer toner, toner cartridges, consumables and service that’ll deliver savings ranging from 10 to 40 per cent. When it comes to print management Australia-wide clients can rest easy knowing they have the best in the business on their side.


We’re in a unique position to help you because no manufacturer can be independent, nor can they offer the best product in every segment of their market. We can offer independent and unbiased advice on managed print solutions to nationwide clients because we’re authorised dealers and service agents for office photocopiers, colour multifunction printers and laser printers from Sharp and Oki  between them they offer the best colour and mono solution for every application. We also supply the printer toner to suit every any multifunction and laser printers.

Environmentally Responsible

Our Managed Print Services will not only keep the printing costs of your company to a minimum, it will show you how to reduce your footprint on the environment by reducing the number of pages printed. Our recycling service for toner cartridge also ensures that used printer toner is disposed of in accord with ecologically sound principles.

Service and Support

The Abacus copier  Managed Print Services are supported by our own proactive service which is designed to attend to issues before they become a problem. We’ll maximise equipment uptime and deliver quality prints during its lifetime.

We’ll take responsibility for the managed print services of your total office environment. Our purpose-developed software will continuously monitor all your office photocopier, colour multifunction printers, laser printers and other print devices to ensure productivity is maximised, as well as the toner cartridges inside and the people using them.

We eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors; a single point of contact improves communication and accountability. This will appeal to both your IT and Accounts departments.

Our constant monitoring ensures that we quickly recognise when your needs change. We are responsive to opportunities to achieve further cost savings and efficiencies. It may be as simple as relocating one of your photocopiers, colour multifunction printers or laser printers to ensure balanced use of your fleet, or replacing your toner cartridges at appropriate times so you never run out or waste valuable printer toner. Whatever it is Abacus copier Managed Print Services will always be on the look out to add value to your business.