Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-2000

24″ wide, 12-colour, large format photographic printer


Making printing simple and see your vision through from start to finish

You don’t want to lose control of your final product, but until now it’s always seemed too complicated to start printing your own stuff. Not anymore, because the 12 colour iPF PRO-2000 is purpose-made for photographs and fine art prints. You can print borderless as wide as 24″ and enjoy the control to see each work through to the end.

Achieve beautiful results without even trying

A simple touchscreen makes it easy for an amateur to use, while those with more experience can play around and get even more out of their printer.

Printer that keeps an eye on quality from page to page

How do you know your printer is in check? With an automatic calibration sensor constantly checking colour density, this one keeps an eye on itself.

Quality so real, it looks like it might come to life at any time

As a photographer or an artist, a print is the final step of your artistic expression. Through a combination of hardware, consumables and software, the iPF PRO-2000 translates your creation onto paper in a way that preserves the true colour and detail of the original. Capturing the real emotional story of the piece and transmitting it to the viewer.

All the colour, all the detail, all the time.

Get the most out of your photos. From shoot-to-print the iPF PRO-2000 easily produces the most faithful results from Canon EOS cameras.

Real life never looked so good

If you want to enhance the natural look of your photos, the Chroma Optimiser does just that, bringing out the vibrancy of the image.


Meet the range that’s as artistic as you are

Canon’s PRO printer range is made to meet the expectations of everyone from pro to prosumer. Explore the full range in this video.

There’s more to PRO than meets the eye

Ready to go under the skin and see what really makes the PRO range tick? Let’s unpack all the bells and whistles with the feature set that sets it apart.

Juggles paper rolls with ease

No trick photography. Watch the Multi-functional Roll Unit at work. Load two rolls at the same time and handle long print runs with no babysitting.

There’s more than one way to print

Don’t be restricted to printing via the same method every time. The iPF PRO-2000 lets you print any way you prefer – whether it’s via USB, ethernet, from a flash drive or through Wi-Fi.



Pro Gallery Print

Pro Gallery Print is a free app available on itunes which collaborates with photographers’ web services such as SmugMug and Zenfolio. You can browse web uploaded photos with your iPad or iPad mini and easily print those photos. You can also print photos which are stored in your device.


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